A brief introduction..

First words to explain why.

I have created this blog to share thoughts and experiences. I am glad if it helps other managers in their daily struggles. I am not so ambitious though, it can remain a place to simply read about those thoughts and experiences, or just a personal diary.

Finance is the main topic, yet the aim of this blog is indeed to discuss much more. It actually aims at discussing many different aspects of business management, leveraging on what I have seen, faced and learnt in my professional adventures.

Somehow it takes inspiration from the metamorphosis that happened in my life before and after entering the “bloody” field of finance (I had nothing to do with that earlier, my career started in HR management and before I was a mariner!). It started as a normal professional field, it actually changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to develop aspects that are not necessarily related to finance, to live situations that I would have otherwise not lived, to meet people I would have otherwise not met.

That’s why the stairs. I would not describe finance like Wikipedia would do (anyway Finance means plenty of things – markets, services, products, management, performance, decisions, investments, debt, house, life, job, savings, etc.). I would rather describe it like a web of stairs, full of people going up or down.

Apparently we chase money. In reality we chase much more.


Keep reading if this teases you.

Home page picture: taken from the 23rd floor of the European Central Bank building in Frankfurt (DE).

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