‘Blind pride’, financial audit and.. fraud

Biggest financial collapses in history came from fraud. Most of them (as not proven for all) from governance. One of the most emblematic was in Italy, in 2003. A famous multinational company operating in the food processing collapsed, after a hole of billions was discovered. Do you know the (unofficial) story of how the holeContinue reading “‘Blind pride’, financial audit and.. fraud”

Wild west banking

With a certain degree of imagination, today’s situation in Europe makes me think about banks in the Wild West of America (with related romance, of course). Initially, the only reason to put money at a bank could be to keep it in a ‘safe’ place, rather than earning a return. Basically, money had no otherContinue reading “Wild west banking”

A brief introduction..

First words to explain why. I have created this blog to share thoughts and experiences. I am glad if it helps other managers in their daily struggles. I am not so ambitious though, it can remain a place to simply read about those thoughts and experiences, or just a personal diary. Finance is the mainContinue reading “A brief introduction..”

The Source

“FL is an international expert in corporate finance, business management, banking, financial markets and services. Posts in this blog come from personal views and consolidated experience in the field. The arguments treated derive from the professional path of the author, through different countries, environments and entities. These are financial institutions, multinational groups, intergovernmental organizations andContinue reading “The Source”